Custom Designed Security and Communication Systems

Keeping Central New Jersey safe and secure for more than 50 years.

Alarm Services from ACI Systems

At ACI Systems, we believe that for a protection system to serve the customer’s needs, it has to be strategically suited to the customer’s personal needs and built on a foundation of wiring appropriate to the equipment and the building it protects.

Why is wiring so important? Wiring is to protective systems what a foundation is to a building’s construction. Proper wiring ensures that your system will work to optimum capability. If your wiring installation is inferior, your system isn’t worth the money you invested in it.

This is what makes ACI Systems different from other protection services companies. Some offer equipment, others offer service programs. But we offer what you need–a comprehensive safety package that will perform as designed…when it matters most.

Since 1963, ACI Systems has been providing homes and businesses in Central New Jersey with protective systems and services to ensure their safety and security.

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