Custom Designed Security and Communication Systems

Timely suggestions for protecting your family and business.


In addition to contracting ACI Systems for your personalized protection system, here are a few tips on how you can stay safe and secure:


  1. Know your business neighborhood. Learn about crime in your professional neighborhood, what is being done about it, and get involved.
  2. Include crime prevention and safety information in your employee communications, including: staff memos, newsletters and notices.
  3. Role play situations with your employees. Such practice will come naturally when needed most.


  1. Don’t use window decals. Decals that indicate personal information, such as where a child’s room is located, are an invitation to a predator.
  2. Use proper window locks and pins to prevent intrusion.
  3. Use double deadbolt locks. Thieves won’t waste their time if access is delayed.
  4. A simple block of wood placed in the track of sliding glass doors can prevent inappropriate access at a vulnerable point.
  5. Security systems can reduce your home insurance premiums.

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